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About Website Marketing

Website Marketing is a network of people who have years of experience and the skills to deliver results.

We take a more strategic approach to assisting company's get more from their website. That includes everything from the content and user experience to social media, SEO rankings and advertising.

On the website

Because it's a more strategic approach we take a hard look at the data and then translate that into action plans. It's not always about creating a new website. The website data, combined with company proprietary data together with detailed observation of web users on the site delivers invaluable insights into how your site is being used.

You not only see the difference between the desktop and mobile user, but you'll be surprised at how they look at a page e.g. scrolling depth analysis will show just how much of your site nobody looks at or the buttons nobody uses.

With this information as a base we'll provide a website marketing plan to take your website to the next level. After implementing the plan we'll be monitoring, assessing and fine tuning every step of the way. 

Support for the website

The only way people find your website is because you tell them about your website.

A lot of that education takes place off the website. We want social media, websites and blogs sharing and pointing to your website.

Social media grows and strengthens every day. All search engines see these interactions as endorsements and recommendations for your business.

We know the value of these off site platforms and treat each as an independent marketing channel. This makes sure that you get the best results from each one, be that sharing and interacting, directories or blogging.

When it's time to step off the website our team will deliver an off site strategy that both supports your website and grows your off site visibility.

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