Give your website direction with
the website marketing strategy consultation.

The Website Marketing Strategy

The right strategy gets results. Don't make your customers think and keep it simple.

The website marketing strategy defines the purpose of your website and how it has to be built to meet those objectives.
Whether you're building a new, or already have a site, the value of the right strategy remains.

Planning a new website? Upgrading an existing site?

The Consultation


Assessment and Updates

Building a solid foundation

The Website Marketing Strategy Consultation takes a good look at your business and how to make your products and services available to your customers. We're interested in making sure your customers don't have to think and we're going to make it very easy for them to do business with you.

It's not only about what your customers need but also what you need to measure to ensure your websites ongoing success. The information from the consultation is presented in the form of a website highlighting the marketing behind the site layout and flow.

  • Step 1.1 - The consultation
    • Meeting with the team tasked to get results from the website.
    • If an existing site access to available statistics before the consultation - Use these to see how the site is currently performing.
    • The marketing strategy consultation takes at least 4 hours - There are no shortcuts.
  • Step 1.2 - Presenting the Website Marketing plan 
    • Meeting showing the marketing in place and the content needed for the website.
    • The plan is hosted on the Website Marketing website behind a secure login.
    • The plan is in the form of a website showing the various marketing elements, their purpose and the content required.
    • Each member of the team is provided with their own login to view, and / or comment on the plan.
    • The 'raw' data from the consultation is also available.
  • Step 2 - Implementation - Building the website
    • The Website Marketing plan is built according to the approved website outline.
    • A shared folder is available for content to be submitted. The latest version of images and documents are in one place.
  • Step 3 - Assessment and updates - The site goes live
    • The website is tracked and monitored.
    • Monthly reports show performance and the indicate where the site can be improved.
    • Should marketing change this is noted in the plan.
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Do we have to build your new / upgraded website?

The consultation can be implemented by your in house team, third party developer or Website Marketing. Access to the plan will be provided to ensure the marketing plan is followed.

We look at the data so we can see where visitors are coming from and what they're searching for. Our advanced SEO report will show where you rank on specific keywords. To that we can add your competitors and see where you rank in relation to your competition.

We take a detailed look at the behaviour of your website visitors. We watch them browse and check just how deep they read into your content. We also see where they don't go. The website flow shows where visitors start and end their visit to your website.

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Using the data and visitor behaviour we make value adding changes to your website to encourage visitors to do more of what you want them to do.

Website Marketing Consultation & Workshops

Google has not only defined how we find information, but also how we build websites.

The workshops give you the tools to target your audience more accurately and benefit from better rankings.

Marketing Consultation

The Website Marketing Strategy Consultation is a process that helps to determine, implement and measure the strategic purpose of your website. Be that to generate leads, sales or deliver information. We look at how it adds value to your customer, assists sales and marketing and what needs to be done to get the SEO basics in place. Marketing and Sales teams should attend.

SEO Workshop

The Website Marketing SEO Workshop focuses on all the SEO channels available to your business. That includes on site and off site optimisation, google maps, google mobile, tagging content and formatting content for Google's Knowledge Graph. Technical as well as marketing aspects are address so content writers and web designers / developers should attend.

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More advanced website marketing services

Website Marketing gives your website direction

Do you need...

  • A 'bird's eye view' of your market?
  • Real time data on which to build and launch marketing campaigns?
  • Insight into all your marketing campaigns in one dashboard?
  • Advanced information about your competitors website and social media activity?
  • SEO information comparing your site to your competitors?
  • Ranking information on specific keywords?
  • Data on how visitors really use your website across all platforms?
  • Information to give your visitors a better user experience?
  • Data to be accessible wherever you are?
  • Customised reports with the data you need?

Then we're on the same page, and we'd love to help!

Website Insights

  • Your own website statistics
  • Detailed information about your competitors
  • Content 'gaps'
  • Page optimisation status
  • Visitor browsing patterns
  • How visitors respond to calls to action

Detailed SEO Analysis

  • Keyword ranking for you and your competitors
  • Keyword ranking change for you and your competitors
  • CPC for each keyword in the ranking report
  • Google Adword ranking report

Social Platforms

  • Activity in Social Media
  • Identify trends and activity for you and competitors
  • Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Twitter and more...

Integrate Business Data

  • Include sales information with marketing details
  • Include regional company data with regional marketing campaigns
  • Dig deep with your data
  • See the real effect of all marketing campaigns

View the website statistics, social activity and company data in one dashboard.

Manage, assess and adapt campaigns in real time.

Data provides a valuable insight into visitor behaviour

Get access to information you wouldn't normally have

The 'bird's eye view' provides detailed analysis of activity in the market and helps marketers identify trends in their respective sectors.

The real time data provides confirmation, or not, that a campaign is working, as well as information on your competition's activity. A spike in your competitors' Facebook data gives you the heads up to take a look and see what's going on. Similarly seeing your competitor's organic search results climb steadily is a definite sign they're on the move. The same can be applied to google ad rankings.

Adding proprietary data, e.g. sales - regional or national, with online and off line marketing and advertising data will give you a good indication of the ROI for that campaign. 

The bottom line is that your marketing ROI can now be assessed in one place, in less time and with the data you prefer. If you want to find out more about a metric you can drill down and see what went into the number.

That's less time on collating data and more time interpreting and improving your marketing spend.


Reporting and planning ensure an effective website

Reporting and planning

Quickly disseminate information and drill down into the data that makes up the numbers. Information that helps identify the nuts and bolts that need tweaking to change or improve marketing plans and campaigns.

Reports including data specific to your company, e.g. product, location or individual can be included in the reports. Strategies can now be based on live data to focus spend on more profitable activities. 

If a campaign combined the website, billboards and Facebook the data collected can be presented in the same graph or table. The campaign can be monitored daily to see the change in site visits, likes, shares and purchases. Geographical locations could be included and the campaign assessed by location. Now you're able to see which areas respond better and, by including sales, which areas responded by purchasing.

Identifying competitor activity gives you the edge to see what your competitor's are up to. Especially useful for anything digitally based. Teams can use the data to take on competition or exploit sectors already successfully penetrated. If your competitor's Facebook activity is low it might be a good time to use that lull to boost our own campaigns.

When you have several campaigns running at the same time it's hard to find the time to pull the data together. Fortunately that's no longer an issue as custom reports can be made so that you can spend more time interpreting and less time collating.

Report data can be customised and these reports saved. Now you have a set of reports with the data you require for presentations or board meetings ready to go at the click of a button. The data makes it easy to assess the effectiveness of your advertising / marketing agency.

There are many possibilities and applications for the data.

 View the data in graphs, tables and heat maps. 

SEO is a critical part of website marketing

SEO and Site Content

The SEO report quickly shows your ranking in comparison to competitors. You can see the data by overall visibility and by the individual keyword rankings that make up that score. Movement of the site in ranking results can also be seen as well as your competitors movement for the same.

Analysis of the website content points to content gaps / opportunities that may exist on live pages or the need to cater new content pages. Catering to these and ensuring the most searched for phrases and keywords are used will improve rankings. That goes for Google Adwords too. Now you have a good idea of where your ads rank too.

The data is live, can be drilled into, and easy to access by logging into the cloud based solution.

Graphs make it easy to identify trends by customer as well as competitor. Information that makes the decision on what to do next that much easier.

Change the way you see your data, measure your ROI in real time, in one place.

Stay more than a few steps ahead of the competition.